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7th July 2017, Mumbai

It was by a stroke of good fortune that Amit sent me your number and details.

The very first design of the letter pad that you sent me before we met, sufficed for me to decide to work with you for the my center designs. It seemed you had peaked into my mind and stolen the design. And most importantly you gave due coverage for the logo that my dear friend designed ever so lovingly for me. He was happy to see the letter pad as well.

Your attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to the project and understanding the client is commendable and makes it easy to work with you. I am especially ecstatic over the file design and brochure design which we recently trademarked. 

My visiting card has been appreciated by every person who I have given it to! I believe that itself would speak about the quality of care and expertise we at OASES Care Center provide our patients.

Needless to say, the board and designs outside my center looks creative, unique and beautiful. 

Thank you for the above and especially for understanding what Oculoplasty, aesthetics and ocular oncology truly is!

Dr. Anuradha Ayyar,


OASES Care Center