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SILENCE is GOLDEN they say. Yes, indeed GOLDEN in today's world of constant chit-chats, media glares, digital marketing, and tweets.

Technology has definitely made us closer in terms of the social circle, business circle and probably relationships. A beautiful and loving relationship goes a long way in building or positioning your product or service in the market.  A relationship that lasts for years to come. A relationship that welcomes the change. A relationship that loves your brand come what may. A relationship between "You and the "Client". A relationship to "die" for...

What is such a kind of relationship? How do we define such a kind of relationship wherein the client and the supplier have a LOVE to die for?

Numerous articles have been written on defining the dos and dont's for fulfilling such a kind of relationship. Great books are available on the internet and in bookstores for filling and learning the basics.

I am going to share some of my personal experiences while I was SILENT. Being SILENT and observing people on being Founder of my startup "Gyany" has given me some valuable learnings.

As my core strength is designing and redesigning a brand identity for any company, below are some of the things that I would like to share:

* Get a thorough understanding of the design requirements. If it's a reference from someone, understand the basics before meeting the client. Thank the person who has referred you and keep him in the loop for further reference.

* Understand the requirements in depth e.g. why does he require a logo? What kind? what color? what is the purpose? Why does he want to sell his product/ service? Remember a LOGO is always a SILENT ambassador of your brand. 

* Certain things seem silly to ask, but pays well in the long run. e.g. If a company is already in business for past 15 years and survived the market till date, but facing challenges to grow ahead. Will require a different kind of designing and positioning than a startup firm. Reason - People know who they are in 15 years and we only need to work on the problem areas whee the company is lacking as well support them for their future endeavors.

* Startups, on the other hand, require a different kind of positioning or building up their brand. They require a design service to not only create stunning and meaningful marketing collaterals but an NEW RELATIONSHIP to be built with every CLIENT.

* Many times, designers are forgotten after they have delivered their BEST. This can happen because of less clarity, less communication, fewer payments as well.So, a satisfied CLIENT needs to be monitored regularly to keep up the things in a long way.Even after you have satisfied a CLIENT, still there is more to go. Keep in check if the client is happy with the designs, how is it helping them, how are they faring the market... Do they need any more services, some promotional stuff to keep them going. .. KEEP UP THE WORD.. (BE RESILIENT IF NEED BE.. BUT KEEP PUSHING)..

Understand - Analyse - Research - Design- Redesign- Process-Deliver = YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE CLIENT/MARKET