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Gyany Customer Solutions is a Mumbai based Corporate Makeover company. We design high quality and creative ideas for your brand. Gyany means ?Knowledgeable? and is derived from Sanskrit. We strongly believe that a  mere design is of no use unless knowledge is applied to it in a correct way. Hence, we create stunning designs with the right mix of art and knowledge. Complex ideas presented in simple ways. Our mantra ?Stay simple, Stay fresh?.


tender touche logo
-posted by Gyany Customer Solutions
tender touche logo
Logo designed for Adams Perfumes, Dubai UAE
-posted by Gyany Customer Solutions

Adams is a premium toiletry brand getting launched in dubai, UAE with a wide variety of exotic perfumes, talcs and soaps in the premium segment. We have designed this logo with the fragrance of life as tagline and the  logo is designed keeping in mind the growth and the vision of the company, 

Prancing deers logo designed for sports events firm
-posted by Gyany Customer Solutions

Prancing means  accomplishment. Prancing deers is an upcoming sports firm with event, medical tourism and marathon events. We designed this logo which aptly suits the company and the accomplishment it will get at each event. We wish them a great success.